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PainPod - Pain ReliefAre you looking for pain relief? If you are I am delighted to announce the amazing PainPod™ has arrived into the UK.  I will be helping to introduce this astonishing device into Paignton, Brixham, Torquay and the rest of the South West from January 2017.

The PainPod™ is a cutting edge 3-in-1 portable medical device that can relieve pain (in many cases instantly), strengthen and condition muscles, and assists in recovery and rehabilitation. Designed in Australia, 12 million have been sold worldwide!

Recent studies have revealed that 2 in 5 people live with daily aches, pain and discomfort, with 1 in 5 people suffering from crippling chronic pain symptoms on a daily basis. Pain can be really debilitating and stressful. So imagine finding relief naturally without the side effects of prescribed drugs.

I will be dedicating a page on my website to the PainPod™ in January so I will have a lot more information for you. However, in advance of this if you would like to book a FREE demonstration to help relieve your pain then please contact me.



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I have been to a few Reflexologists in the past, however Linda is by far the best I have been to and has helped relieve painful back problems and stress. I highly recommend her.


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